Evaluation Documents

Teacher Training Evaluation: Participating teachers are asked to evaluate the teacher training workshop on-site at the conclusion of the session, using an evaluation instrument developed by Sangamon Auditorium project staff.

Class Acts Performance Evaluation: Teachers are asked to complete a brief evaluation covering the pre-show classroom visit, the Teacher Guide, and the live performance. In previous years this evaluation form was distributed to teachers when they arrived for the performance, but now it is distributed and collected by the Head Start Education Coordinator, resulting in an improved response rate. Criteria for evaluation include the experience’s perceived contribution to school readiness as well as age appropriateness, anticipated student interest, and practicality.

Family Event Evaluation: Parents and caregivers are asked to evaluate the Family Event via a mail-back survey, with questions touching on the following criteria: interest and engagement of children in pre-show activities, their own and their children’s responses to the performance, and questions or responses children had following the event. The first year this survey was distributed to parents and caregivers when they checked in at the event they attended, the second year it was sent home from school the following week with students who attended.  In the most recent year, the survey was distributed electronically to those who shared an email address or texting number.


2017-2018 Evaluation Report

Summary of 2017-2018 Teacher Training Evaluations:

Head Start teachers, assistant teachers, and a few other staff members participated in a professional development workshop on Friday, October 27, 2017, at the St. Cabrini Site. Participants attended one of two sessions of the workshop held that day, learning about integrating movement with science. The workshop, led by Kennedy Center Partners in Education presenter Kimberli Boyd, was titled “Learning to Move, Moving to Learn: Exploring Science with Young Learners.” Ms. Boyd previously presented a different well-received professional development workshop for the Arts Start program in fall 2013.

We received survey responses from 25 teachers, 18 assistant teacher, and 7 other staff members. Respondents were asked to rate four particular aspects of the workshop on a 5-point scale ranging from “Excellent” to “Poor.” For “The workshop overall,” “Presentation style and format,” and “Hands-on demonstrations and activities,” approximately 90% rated each area as “Excellent.” For “Relevance of the topic to your role as a Head Start teacher,” 74% ranked it as “Excellent” and 20% as “Good.” No one ranked any areas as “Fair” or “Poor,” and only one person ranked one area as “Average.”

Participants were also asked to provide comments about the content and presentation of the workshop; below is a sample of their feedback:

• “This was a good workshop. I really enjoyed it.”
• “Kept us active”
• “She was great and patient”
• “It will be very useful working with the children”
• “Everything was great and there were a lot of ideas and hands on activities”
• “She did a great job; can tell she is passionate about what she does”

We asked participants how they would use the ideas from the workshop in their classrooms, and they provided a long and varied list, showing that they could easily see how to incorporate what they learned into their teaching. Some responses include:

• “With my weekly letter; dance to the letter”
• “I really enjoy it for exercise and dancing for the children”
• “To calm the children down to teach rhythm”
• “By building and making stories with the children”
• “To teach sequence, pattern and vocab”
• “During circle time for a warm-up activity”
• “I will add more music and instruments to the classroom”
• “Use it for many lessons like my tree study”
• “During movement it allows for expressions of feelings”

Some respondents commented that they would have liked to see Ms. Boyd in action, demonstrating her techniques in a classroom. We were unable to fit that into the schedule with Ms. Boyd, but it is part of the plan for the workshop leader in the coming year.

Summary of 2017-2018 Class Acts Evaluations:

Head Start classes attended performances of Nugget & Fang in February 2018 and Curious George in April 2018. This year we continued our process of working with the Head Start Education Coordinator for distributing and collecting the post-show surveys. Our response rate was lower than last year (9 for Nugget & Fang and 27 for Curious George), but still better than when we gave the surveys directly to the teachers the day of each field trip.

When asked about the quality of the performances, Curious George scored higher than Nugget & Fang. Curious George received an average score of 9.0 on a scale of 1 being “poor” and 10 being “excellent,” while Nugget & Fang received a score of 6.5. We are encouraged to see that the teachers, some of whom have seen up to 14 productions through the Arts Start field trips, are developing and expressing stronger opinions about the quality of the productions. Every year we continue to make adjustments to the arrival, seating, and exit procedures for the Head Start groups, and several teachers commented that day-of-show process was smoother this year. After discussing the field trips with their students, teachers reported that student remembered many of the important plot points of the stories.

The Teacher’s Guides received a strong positive rating, collectively scoring 8.98 on a scale of 1 being “not useful” and 10 being “very useful.” Only respondent noted that he or she did not use any of the Teacher’s Guide content in the classroom.

The preshow classroom visits continue to receive strong positive responses, collectively being giving a rating of 8.98 on a scale of 1 being “not useful” and 10 being “very useful.” We continued to make the classroom visits interactive, modeling arts integration techniques while reading the storybooks; and teachers continued to provide positive comments about the information conveyed during the classroom visits and their appreciation for receiving a copy of storybook for their classroom libraries.

Summary of 2017-2018 Family Event Evaluations:

The fall 2017 Family Event included a meal, craft activities, and a performance by Terrance Simien and the Zydeco Experience offered at no cost to all Head Start students, staff, and their families, including participants in the Early Head Start and Home-Based programs. In choosing a performer for the Family Event, the members of the Advisory Committee expressed the importance of the children seeing representation on stage among the performers. We also want the children and their families to experience a diverse array of performing art forms. These two factors led us to booking Terrance Simien and his band, who are best known for performing one of the songs in Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog.”

We saw 287 Head Start attendees at the Family Event, which is just 11 fewer than the record high attendance the year before.

For the first time, we distributed post-show surveys electronically to those who provided an email address or texting number when they checked in at the event. As a result, we saw a better response rate than in previous years. All respondents marked “True” in response to the questions “This event met or exceeded my expectations” and “My family and I felt welcome at Sangamon Auditorium.” Below is a sample of other comments received through the survey:

• “We enjoyed the performance. It was upbeat and fun for all ages.”
• “The staff is always friendly and well informed.”
• “Loved that they were free to get up and dance and interact with the performers.”
• “It was fun, she had a blast – she wants to go back again and listen to them”
• “The whole night was great! My family and I had a super time!”
• “The Ushers were especially nice—and I’m sure some of them were not used to hundreds of preschool children running about :) They were very welcoming. (and also the intake people)”
• “The children that were with me loved the concert. They interacted with the music and loved the energy of the musicians.”
• “Money is an issue with the frequency we can attend performances. Thank you for providing this one.”


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