Rockin’ Road to Dublin
Thursday, March 29th, 2018 at 7:30pm


Rockin’ Road To Dublin is the new sensation that combines the art of an Irish dance show, the power of a rock concert, all with the finish of a Broadway theatrical production. Starring World Champion Irish dancers Scott Doherty and Ashley Smith, Rockin’ Road to Dublin is a must-see spectacle that Irish Dancing Magazine calls “World-Class”.  “It combines the magic of Broadway and the energy of a rock show with the excitement of Irish dance.” Says co-creator Chris Smith. “We’ve taken traditional Irish tunes and updated them to make the entire evening more dynamic and powerful.  It has enough of the tradition people love, but it’s different enough that they will never look back!”

Here’s what people are saying about Rockin’ Road to Dublin:

“Unique, upbeat, and I love the combination of traditional Gaelic music with rock music and the dancing was extraordinary."
-Anne. B., Green Bay

“An incredible dance troupe, a phenomenal musical ensemble, killer staging and lighting. BRAVO!”
-Ellis K. Davenport

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