ISO Concert for Kids
Thursday, November 10th, 2016 at 10:00am

Featuring the Magic Circle Mime Company

The Illinois Symphony Orchestra led by guest conductor Ben Rous takes you on a musical journey with the Magic Circle Mime Company. A bugle playing mime who wants to sing opera and a tap dancing ballerina are just part of the conductor’s comic dilemma as two zany characters bring “the art of listening” to life.

The Listener, which received the Washington State Arts Commission's highest rating for quality, introduces new audiences to the workings of a concert orchestra and explores the active relationship between the listening audience and the musician. The art of listening requires talent and training. The Listener establishes this important concept through fifty minutes of humor, drama, and dance; leaving the audience appreciating their own abilities as well as the orchestra's.

All grades
55 minutes
$6.00 per ticket

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