Black Violin
Saturday, September 23rd, 2017 at 8:00pm

To most people, jazz, hip-hop, funk, and classical are musical genres.  But to revolutionary music group Black Violin, they're nothing but ingredients.  Combining a daunting array of musical styles and influences to produce a signature sound that is not quite maestro, not quite emcee, this group of two classically trained violinists and their DJ is redefining the music world one string at a time.  With influences ranging from Shostakovich and Bach to Nas and Jay-Z, Black Violin breaks all the rules, blending the classical with the modern to create something rare – a sound that nobody has ever heard but everybody wants to feel.  In an age where music is coming to be more and more defined by the labels given to it, Black Violin shows that music does not exist within a box, but rather exists in another space – one as open and unrestrained as the minds that produce it.

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