UIS Students

Free UIS Student Tickets - For select events, UIS students can get 1 ticket for FREE!  

Get your ticket in-person at the Ticket Office (PAC Lobby; open M-F, 10-5) or call 217.206.6160.  You must have your i-card with you to pick up your ticket.  You can buy more tickets next to your free ticket; you can purchase 1 ticket at the UIS Price (10% off), and additional tickets at the regular price.  For events without UIS student tickets, or if the tickets have all been claimed, you can purchase up to 2 tickets per event per i-card at the UIS Price (10%off).

Spring 2017 Events with Free UIS Student Tickets:

UIS student tickets are not available the day of the event. The number of UIS student tickets available for each event is limited.


UIS Student Lounge - The Sangamon Auditorium Student Lounge is open to UIS students before, at intermission, and after many shows.  This lounge invites students to join other performing arts enthusiasts, in a UIS student-only area, while enjoying free coffee, soda, water, and snacks.  The UIS Student Lounge is located in the PAC Level 5 House Left (Tower 2) lounge, just inside the Auditorium entry doors.

Check out our events at UIS Connection or like us on Facebook @SangAudStudents.uis to see which shows have free tickets available and which shows include the Lounge.  To be added to our UIS student email list, please email audmarketing@uis.edu.


Academic Connections - Students are welcome to use Sangamon Auditorium as a resource when you need to earn volunteer hours or do research for a class project relating to the performing arts. Also, every year some Sangamon Auditorium events are included in the ECCE Speaker Series. Whenever possible, Sangamon Auditorium includes UIS students in special projects relating to our performances, such as workshops or masterclasses with performers. For more information, contact Amy Zepp at azepp2@uis.edu.

Ideas for Us

If you have any ideas for ways work with Sangamon Auditorium, please contact Amy Zepp at 217.206.6150 or azepp2@uis.edu. We are always happy to have students involved in what we do!